Mallnitz I, Austria

We chose a pavement with a complex pattern – an antiqued rectangle 24x12, 12x12 and 12x6 cm with a rustic influence, adapted to a mountainous region as far as the shape and colors are concerned. We created a 700 square meter space for a small winter fair where tourists can spend their evenings in a picturesque environment.

Mallnitz II, Austria

Rubber curbs are common for recreational areas, because they help prevent children from getting injured. The project included football, basketball and tennis courts for children camps in the Edelweiss hotel complex in Mallnitz, Austria.

Restaurant on Piezisa Str. – Cluj

We combined Penterr Piazza tiles installed on the narrow side and Appia Antica tiles separated by a buried gutter - which was something new in this field. Combining very different colors and models for tiles made out of concrete, brick and natural stone, with a 6x6 cm cubic stone contour, made it possible for us to match the architecture.

Manastur – Cluj

Rubber tiles, which just appeared on the market, are a necessity for playgrounds, as they are even imposed by law, in order to protect children from getting injured. It is also a pleasure for young ones to play on them, because they have a warm and delicate surface.

Wonderland, Feleac - Cluj

An impressive project as far as the surface is concerned, 5000 square meters and because it has a short deadline. We were careful with the shape of the green areas and the lake that make up this recreational, horse riding and wedding reception complex. Even though it was a challenge at the beginning, we managed to be true to the plan and timeline.

Calea Manastur – Cluj

This pavement wouldn’t seem to be fit for a parking lot at first sight, because of the special color. The 400 square meters were paved with antiqued Appa Antica tiles, alternating between 40x40 cm and 20x10 cm tiles, forming a simple but impressive model through a patina color.