Baumax - Cluj

The German investor required us to pay special attention to the execution and the pavement quality. Even though the weather was not very friendly, because of the start of the cold season, we carried out the installation of 2500 square meters of pavement and the curbs for all 4 sides of the building.

G. Moisil High School – Bucharest

Selected as a reference, this project is one of the first ones carried out by our company in Bucharest. We managed to pave 150 square meters in 13 days, approved in the first phase by our beneficiary in order to be operational. The deadline was extremely short, because it was just before the beginning of the new school year.

Lotus Center Oradea

A large investment, with a very short deadline which required several teams and an extension of work hours. Despite of high temperatures, we managed to pave an area of 4500 square meters complete with curbs – approximately 900 meters.

Profi Zorilor/Grigorescu – Cluj

The rebuilding of the parking lots for these stores was a true challenge taking into consideration the fact that the normal operation of the parking lot continued during normal work hours. We managed to take out the old pavement and install 800 square meters of new pavement within 6 days.